Why Do Starving Artists Make Art?

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Why do artists make art?

My students ask me questions like this every school year. I’ve learned they’re asking me, “Why do we bother creating art?”. I don’t know why many people create, but I do know why I paint, write and draw.

Last week, I made some Celtic spirals with watercolor and ink – why? Because I watched The Book of Kells and felt inspired. Yesterday, I started an abstract portrait – why? Because of a conversation I had with a colleague about personalities.

But Why Do I Feel Compelled to Make Art?

Some voice tells me, “CREATE!”, and I listen because I know what it feels like to not listen to that voice. It leaves me empty, frazzled, anxious and – at times – desperate. People crave many things in this world – I crave how I feel while I make art.

“I tell stories because I feel compelled to – I feel like I have to.” – Oliver Jeffers, illustrated of The Day the Crayons Quit

Like any junky, I want to dive more into that impulse and share my experiences. I want to have conversations about that thirst to create– or gnawing greed of a creative soul – I have every day and share my artistic struggles, frustrations, and victories living with this invisible push.

I’m pretty sure, after thirty years of living with myself, I will make art for the rest of my life. I will paint. I will draw. I will create worlds. I will think of stories. I will write stories. I will write conversations that never took place. Then, I’ll create some more.

I don’t know why you create, or if you feel the need. If you’ve never made something out a pile of other things, then, I dare you to create. Find whatever mediums you have available, even if it’s just your keyboard, and create today.

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