Why Am I Afraid to Make Art?

Lately, every time I look at my writings or art, I feel deflated.  I tell myself over and over again – how are you ever going to do this? Will it matter?  I haven’t felt this scared to create ever in my life. How can I make art while feeling like this?

How do I overcome this fear? What on Earth am I scared of to begin with?

Have you ever watched a child draw or paint? I have the privilege of being an elementary art teacher who witnesses how fearless children are when they create.

When they’re done, they hold up their art and ask, “Where are you going to hang this in the school?”

I ask myself, “Was I ever this fearless about creating art? Did I ever share my art without the overwhelming, gut-wrenching question ‘but what will people think?’”

Young artists create, and if a person looks at their art and says, “Well done,” they say thank you and move on to create more art. They don’t wait around for more approval or criticism. They just create.

Before this past month, I created art and turned to my inner critic voice as a guide. Now, the voice is so overpowering and annoying, I want to snuff the voice out entirely.  

I believe it’s because I use to think my work was fabulous, and now, after master art classes and writing classes, none of it seems that great. I’m afraid of eventually hating what I create.

There are so many critiques and techniques going through my head from what I’ve learned, they’re muting my creative voice.

How do I use my knowledge to make art without my inner critic’s voice getting louder and overbearing?

I’ve decided the fear will always exist, and the knowledge I’ve learned over years of study is invaluable, and my inner critic is kind of a witch. I just need to remind myself WHY I create.  

“Go and make interesting mistakes, make amazing mistakes, make glorious and fantastic mistakes. Break rules. Leave the world more interesting for your being here.” – Neil Gaiman, Make Good Art

I create because without painting, drawing and writing I would feel like an hollow shell. Creating art is how I breath, and I can’t allow criticism to leave me gasping for more air.

If you’re scared like I am, then tell that loud, obnoxious inner voice to shut it and create something with me. Let’s make the world an interesting place because of our failures and mistakes.

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