5 Top Frustrations While Drawing and Writing

Each time I sit down to create, whether writing or drawing or painting or sculpting, I am frustrated at one point. Moving through these artistic frustrations is key to growth as an artist – in their own way. I try to see them as opportunities.

Do you have any artistic frustrations while you create?

I’m frustrated by many, many things.  Each thing could be its own post, but I’m not going to do that to anyone.

Here are my top five artistic frustrations while I create, and how I move forward from them:

1: My Family Interrupts Me

I need to clarify, I love my family more than anything in the world. However, they need to go away while I’m making art. I feel evil for saying that, but they interrupt me all the time. If I was on the moon, they would come and interrupt me. I only ask for an hour a day, and I rarely get an uninterrupted hour.

2: I Run Out of Supplies

I don’t think I need to explain this one, but I have a lot of sticky notes and lists telling me to go and buy supplies. It does lead to some interesting, experimental art because if I don’t have what I was expecting to use, I’ll use something I already have.

3: Worrying About If Anyone Will Like What I’m Making

Especially when I write, this goes through my head like a mind-numbing record. I know I need to be confident and just get my hands dirty. Make mistakes! Sometimes, I get in my own way.

I went further into this dilemma with my article, Why Am I Afraid to Create? It's been a passing struggle these last four months.

4: Getting Food Everywhere

Yeah . . . coffee, toast crumbs, beer and maybe some chocolate smudge on my work every now and then. I’m going to guess you’re thinking, “Why don’t you stop eating while you create?” Answer: Can’t, tried – I have to at least sip on water.

I have to find some way to work smudges into my pieces, not so much when I’m editing writing, but with artwork, it’s essential. I have also drank my mineral spirits on more than one occasion because of this habit.

5: When Time Is Up

I’m in the zone, and the timer goes off. It’s time to move my life out of creation mode and back to something, usually some sort of adulting. I’ve started to slip in ten or twenty minute creation sessions to get more art making in my life. I’ve been a lot less anxious ever since.


If you feel up to sharing, what frustrates you? How do they help you grow? I’m eager to see how many artists out there are going through the same challenges I am.

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