Painting WIP: Jen and Logan

acrylic painting on canvas , 36 x 30 in.

First, I toned my canvas.

I’ve never done that before, but I’m loving working on grey toned paper for drawing, so I thought I would apply it to a painting.

This is totally experimental; I like to bounce back and forth between painting and drawing to see how the same technique will replicate in each medium. It’s always fun – you should try it.

Second, I sketched the painting with black and let dry for a couple of days.

The design is going to replicate a former painting I’ve done, Drew and Rylee (below), so I did a quick sketch. The fine details will be worked out in paint.

Third, I blotted in the rainbow texture.

I also let my four year old son help with this part. He loves to paint, and he got really excited to work on something with Mama.

The finish shouldn’t be too difficult.

I need to get the skin tone in with some gradation, hair color, and after a few days of drying, I’ll add the final outline with black. Last, I’ll add in some gradation for the shoulders and heads.

Drew and Rylee, 30 x 36 in., acrylic on canvas
I remember the Drew and Rylee work being a challenge for two reasons.
  1. People are hard because it has to look like them. There’s a lot of nit-pick things when it comes to duplicating a person’s face if you want it to look real. I love doing them, and the end result is always worth it.
  2. The skin tone over a white primed canvas had to be redone a couple of times. I’m hoping with the grey canvas, maybe I’ll have better luck with the skin tone. I’ll have to see.

I’m hoping I’ll overcome those challenges with this piece. Have a great Thanksgiving and go make some art!

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